stellaoncolumns (stellaoncolumns) wrote in turnemtown,

happy birthday corey

Happy Birthday!!

And i sure as fuck hope you had a better day then i did. my hard disk is fried...i took it to those geeks at best buy because i could not do Shit to help the damn thing. there goes butt loads of music i should have backed up. it is still in my ipod so i should be able to get some out. so i am using my brothers computer. he is like sooo buy a new one...i guess he don't know about this little thing you have to pay back after college called STUDENT LOANS. well corey send me a little bit o mail and tell me about your day. hey mark thanks for the add on myspace. OHH and Anthony fuck you in your stupid ass for not accepting me. Fig Newtons are made out of fig and Newton...GAY. Corey Darling that was not the 4th were just drunk. i miss you guys so everyone send me mail so theat when i can get online i check it and feel the love you are like the sick demented computer brothers that i never met.
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