Mark R (mrkx1221) wrote in turnemtown,
Mark R


hey i was watching batman and robin, one of the worst batman movies made if not the worst and i was thinking that alfred is a little bitch, i mean bruce wayne should walk around wayne manor fighting alfred, you know keeping him in shape and shit not having alfred get all old and have sloppy titties, then batman would be like yo alfred get me a fuckin sandwich and punch his old ass in the face 20 times... and i think alfred should get a slave servant so when alfred isnt getting his ass kicked by batman he could call upon his slave servant otis who lives in the septic tank of wayne manor and have otis clean up after him and make him food and shit and alfred could whoop otis every day just for being black.. otis would be played by lavar burton because that is a black guy that should be beaten daily and be forced to live in a lair of shit, i think robin should start to fight random people in the street and be like yo im robin ill fuckin snap your neck right here and attack mexicans for no reason whatsoever and he would drag them by their necks while he drives his motorcycle at 100 miles per hour, then batwoman should be a sex slave to both batman and robin to fulfill their desires because thats all she needs.
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