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corbis johnson.

Corbis Johnson (c. app. 1134 AD - ?) (also known as “The Man in Dark” ). Not truly known to exist, not know to truly be a man, Corbis Johnson is more of an entity. Thousands have claimed to see him and know him. However there is much speculation on his history and the “truth” of the being.


Born in approximately 1134 AD, it was said that a noble knight named Duncan, who lived in a small home in England, discovered a naked boy in his barn late one night. The boy had no recollection of who he was, so Duncan took him in as his own. Duncan and his wife Clara raised the boy, whom they named “Cornelius”, and taught him all they knew. Duncan taught young Cornelius the art of sword fighting, and he showed much promise. Guessing the boy was about 5 when they found him, they guess in 7 years time that he was 12. One night while Cornelius was practicing his sword fighting, the house was raided by bandits, working for King Saxlon, a man known for his love for death. Duncan fought valiantly, as he screamed for Cornelius to run. Duncan was slain violently, and Clara was raped. Cornelius did not run, he witnessed it all. His purpose was now known, in those few seconds before his mothers breath became nothing. He would become the most powerful being known to man, to existence. He would become a warrior, a myth, a legend, a God.

Cornelius traveled from his home with nothing but light bear skins, and a small broadsword. Traveling for many days, he came upon a small hut in the mountains. Practically starved to death, he stumbled into the hut. There was a warlock, who immediately cast a strange spell and shot a bolt of unknown energy at Cornelius. The bolt deflected as it contacted Cornelius’s flesh. Something inside Cornelius told him to kill this man. He grabbed his sword, and like a javelin tossed it into the throat of the warlock. Eyes wide, the warlock’s throat was torn and his life left his body. Cornelius, with a strange uncommon disregard for any other life other than his mother and father, ignored the dead man and started searching the hut. There he found a book with strange inscriptions on it. Thumbing through the book, he began to read the pages. They were incantations, as Cornelius, even though very young, began to realize. The black arts where unnatural, just as unnatural as his appearance in the world, but they came natural to him. After a few months in the hut Cornelius was expertly trained in every form of black magic. He left the hut with one more task.

Over the next few years, Cornelius traveled the country, participating in many battle tournaments, always coming out the victor. Over these years Cornelius slaughtered man, and woman. The blood on his face never slowed him down. He horrified people with his black magic, conjuring up creatures from the darkness to devour his foes. His sword always found his mark in his enemies throats. He became the most feared man in all of Europe, in a short time.

His whereabouts became very unclear over the next many years, he quickly became a legend, and people debated over his existence. It is actually know know that Cornelius became involved in Science, in History, in Math, in Politics. He took up every known occupation known to man at the time, and became an absolute master in it. His knowledge surpassed anyone in the world. His magic allowed him to disguise himself as anyone, or anything. He could transform himself into anything he imagined. It had seemed that Cornelius had become as powerful as he wanted. However, he knew that his lifespan would continue on for many years. In fact, thousands of years

Present Time

It is not known what happened to Cornelius after his early years, although after his resurface in the 1700’s he began building his galactic devouring ship, known only as The Shark. His motives were also entirely unknown. It was said that by this time he had already mastered the ability to fly, and to travel through time, although this is widely debated by mythical scholars. It is said he had not gained the ability to time travel until he slew the galactical overlord, Thanos, in the early 1990’s. However some believe his dark arts were powerful enough to do this task. Either way, by 1990 Corbis Johnson was laughed at by most as a dream person, a fairy tale. No one but the people who are actually in current contact with the man calling himself Corbis Johnson actually knows if he exists. Many people have said they have seen him, walking down the street, pondering his further exploits of human time and existence. He is said to walk amongst the mere mortals, “a God amongst piles of shit”. However in 2004 he made his presence known, revealing himself as Corbis Johnson. No one actually believes him, and he has not actually revealed his true powers to any mere mortal, which may actually break their mind in half. He is, though, known as the biggest boss in the drug dealing business.

Known Abilities/Powers

It is known that Corbis Johnson possesses absolute superior grasp over the mystical and dark arts, literally calling upon energies from unknown planes of existence. This is widely thought as the main reason for his power. It is also “said” that he has in his possession the Infinity Gauntlet, but it is unknown if it was actually banished by the Tribunal or taken by Corbis after he allegedly destroyed Thanos. Corbis wears a suit of black platinum imbued with his dark powers, granting him the ability to morph it into anything he chooses, from various blades and axes to high tech weaponry. Corbis travels in a ship known as “The Shark”, which is known as a “galactic eater of worlds”, or the “chariot of existence”. It was apparently built in the 1700’s and took approximately 300 years to build. It is said to be 600,000 miles long, and compared to earth, is four times its size. However it is obviously shield from view by Corbis’s magic, and it is also somehow half intangible as to not block out the sun. It is also widely known that he possesses part of the minds of every infamous killer/barbarian in human history, as Corbis was inadvertedly a reason each of the killers minds were born. Corbis carries a signature cane, which is said to be made out of the scales of a black dragon, whom Corbis kept as a pet for some years, before fighting it with his bare hands, and ripping its skull out of its skin.

Other Information

Corbis Johnson is the sole provider of every drug known to man, and also the creator. One of his rooms on his ship, which is actually the size of a small state, has the weather manipulated so it snows cocaine. Corbis, however does not partake in any drugs but marijuana, and it is said that he creates an invisible bubble around his face, which is filled, every hour of the day with marijuana smoke. Also, although it is obvious that he can create money out of air, he does not, but his estate is estimated approximately 980 centillion dollars, which is said to be more money than the entire world will have even in 1000 years.
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