stellaoncolumns (stellaoncolumns) wrote in turnemtown,

reunion party sex team master squad

reunion time this is us three chillin and we are reading shit about the past turnemtownness and its pretty fucking funny but anthony isnt here cause he is touching the invisible vagina that is really his weiner and we ate chilis and our server's name was PJ and he was black which was funny his name was really phillip and angela made fun of him for having such a gay name. i am drinking bud light and so is mark but angela is using my pillow as a sex toy and doing gay shit with it. too bad i jizzed on it many times before and she is really getting jizz in her mouth. which will happen also a little later. haha yeah mark r. likes penis in his mouth but i don't judge him. he can do that that if he wants to but mark ate corn on the cob at chilis. who the fuck eats corn on the cob at a restaurant? might as well give him some cornbread and some fried chicken. well yeah turnem is back and we will pass it around like a dirty whore. angela says she has too much hair and her nose is itchy from too much rats. the stink is too strong. we are listening to cynic right now. its like robots with death metal vocals. i better not get too fiesty. i need to keep myself in order. im a good boy. 
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master squads to the 3rd power!!!!
You rock my socks