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Turnem's Town of Utmost Sensless Flapdoodle and Utter Cerebral Absurdity

A Turnem Community

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Crazy shit is going down on this community.
dont be offended by anything, cause if you are... your a fucking douchbag.
We speak our minds, and want you to be free to do the same. But if you post something gay, you will be sodomized with a garden hose.

Turnem is a company created by Corey and Anthony many years ago for the sole purpose of creating absurdity. It was originally a comic book company, releasing such cult titles as "The 6'm", and spinoff titles like "The Gilded Turk". Turnem shut down in late 2000 as a result of a car jacking in downtown Compton. Corey and Anthony lost all their money, therefore they had to abandon their dreams of spreading insanity to the world. Now Turnem is back with this community. Soon all of humanity's young minds will be infected with their filth.